Fire Protection Systems

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Cylinder Valve Assembly Series

MCV Series (Modular/Cylinder/Valve)

Modular Cylinder/Valve Assembly with:
  • Cylinder & valve
  • Cylinder Strap
  • 24V DC Electric Solenoid
  • Nozzle (pre-engineered) sidewall or central
  • Agent Release Control Panel
  • 2- (Battery )
  • 2- (Photoelectric Detector 24 VDC w/ Base
  • Combination Horn/Strobe 24 VDC
  • Strobe Ceiling Mount
  • Modular Frame
  • Pre-engineered Piping/Fittings

Flex™ - Multipoint

The SEVO® Flex™ Multipoint Pre-engineered Automatic Clean Agent Fire Suppression System utilizes unique flexible detection tubing attached to the top of the cylinder valve. This tubing is pressurized with Nitrogen to 240 psig (16.5 bar) maintaining cylinder valve closure.

The detection tubing is temperature sensitive, and acts as a continuous linear thermal detector that ruptures at approximately 212�F (100�C).

When the detection tubing ruptures, the cylinder valve is actuated, allowing Novec™ 1230 fluid to flow through the two discharge ports on the Flex valve, distributing the extinguishing agent through the nozzle(s) into the protected hazard.



The SEVO® 1230 system nozzles are designated to provide rapid and thorough vaporization and distribution of agent with the air in the protected space. Standard nozzles are made of aluminum. Pre-engineered system nozzles are made in three pipe sizes: 1, 1 �", and 2".

Hydraulically calculated nozzles are available in �, 1, 1 �, 2" and 2 �" with a selection of orifices designed to provide the proper flow rate and distribution of agent to flood a hazard area. The sidewall nozzle is engineered to provide a 160� drill pattern to prevent dissipation on wall surfaces.


  • Pre-engineered sizes: 1", 1 �", 2" and 2 �"
  • Engineered sizes: �", 1", 1 �", 2" and 2 �"
  • 160� and 360� Discharge options
  • High flow rate
  • Large area distribution coverage