Thermatic Dome

Small Room Protection

Available in 12, 33, 56, and 72 pound sizes!

Thermatic Canister system is ceiling mounted in the middle of the hazard area, heat detection of fire by a U.L./U.L.C./FM Fast Response sprinkler bulb at 155˚F, 175˚F, or 200˚F to initiate agent deployment. Spray pattern of sprinkler head maximum single container coverage volume of 300 up to 1,900 cu.ft.

Optional Electrical actuator “Squib” available to link up to 4 systems together for increased room coverage. Electrical actuator can also be linked into wiring circuit for manual operation and/or wiring smoke or heat detectors.

Class A & C Fire Hazards Determine volume of enclosure to be protected: L x W x H = ft3 x 0.0379 (4.2% Design) = lbs needed L x W x H = m3 x 0.6101 (4.2% Design) = kg needed Or reference Class B fuels Design Concentration.

Key Features

  • Thermatically or electrically controlled
  • No electrical wiring required
  • No piping required – easy installation
  • No external power supply necessary
  • Ceiling mounted, position over critical area
  • Reliable 24-hour protection
  • Self contained