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Marine safety should be paramount be it on a small motor boat, sail boat, fishing boat, or lager vessels like Cruise and container ships. Humans have one thing in common; there may be nowhere to go accept overboard when a fire gets out of control. In excess of 80% of fires can be prevented by the owners being proactive in preventing fires aboard a boat or ship. Over 50% of fires start with faulty wiring and portable devise like heaters and stoves. Even shore power can cause fire. Routinely inspect all wiring onboard, around gas connections, in engines, throughout the cabin and around the navigational equipment. Check for gas leaks and replace old tubing.

Aero-K® Thermal unit is an Aerosol Spray Technology, environmentally friendly, non-oxygen deleting fire extinguishing agent. Aero-K® can be placed in various locations from engine compartments to electrical boxes. Aero-K® Thermal Units have three different temperature activations and all come with Brackets to secure the Thermal unit in optimum operational position.

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Marine, Shipping, and Boating Fire Protection

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Marine, Shipping, and Boating