High Rise, Hotel, Motel Fires

Each year there are thousands of Hotel, Motel, and Bed & Breakfast fires. Too often it results in loss of life and serious injury.

There is new technology offered by Peripheral Manufacturing Incorporated that can assist in the egress of trapped people and or animals. Until recently, when a fire occurred little or nothing could be done until the fire department arrived. Even the police are helpless in extinguishing a fire and sometimes risk their own lives by trying to rescue someone in a burning structure.

Peripheral is pleased to market the First Responder. An aerosol spray technology that when deployed, can provide enough fire knock down power to allow limited egress for a room rescue. In many cases, the First Responder may completely extinguish a fire.

First Responder is an emergency response tool at your finger tips. Simply pull the pin and toss into a fire. Activation is in about 4 seconds.

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