Storage areas that contain hazmat fluids or materials are numerous and the regulations and rules that govern these areas are just as extensive. How hazmat protection is performed can be a confusing proposition without complete understanding of the materials to be stored, the quantities of those materials, and the accepted storage locations. As an example, if hazmat material is stored too close to a heat source, combustion may result, which can also cause potential injury, death, and monetary losses.

Fire Suppression Systems for Hazards Material Storage

The Aero-K® / Stat-X® aerosol agent is non-toxic to humans, environmentally friendly, and highly capable of putting out fires quickly, minimizing the potential damage. The Aero-K® / Stat-X® generators are activated either by manual intervention, heat, or smoke.

Aero-K® / Stat-X® offers an exceptional solution for fire suppression when it comes to the protection of sheds, lockers, storage cabinets, and other secure areas. The Aero-K® / Stat-X® aerosol agent represents a state-of-the-art technology that is quickly turning into the benchmark for fire suppression systems.

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Hazmat Storage Fire Suppression