HAZMAT Storage

Storage areas of hazmat materials or fluids are as endless as the rules and regulations that govern such storage. Without complete knowledge of what may be stored, quantities of stored items and acceptable locations of storage, hazmat protection may be confusing. For example, improper storage of a hazmat material located too close to a heat source may cause combustion, resulting in monetary damage, possible serious injury and even loose of life.

The Aero-K® aerosol agent is environmentally friendly (100% Green), non toxic to humans, and is capable of suppressing fire quickly, resulting in minimizing potential damage. Aero-K® Generators can be activated by smoke, heat and or manual intervention. Aero-K® provides an excellent fire suppression solution when protecting storage cabinets, lockers, sheds and other secure areas. The Aero-K® aerosol agent is a new, 21st century technology that is rapidly becoming the standard for fire suppression.

Hazmat Storage Fire Suppression