Fire Suppression Systems for Server Rooms

Aero-K® / Stat-X® is a new aerosol system for server and computer room fire suppression. The system can be used as an independent system and can often replace the need for wet sprinkler system operation. The suppressing agent used in the Aero-K® / Stat-X® system is a potassium-based aerosol that is formulated to be safe for computer equipment and server rooms upon application. It is a non-toxic, non-oxygen and environmentally friendly substance that suppresses fires in a highly effective manner.

Computer and Server Room Fire Protection

An Aero-K® / Stat-X® System is best suited for computer and server room spaces because of its versatility, quick response, and effectiveness. Aero-K® / Stat-X® is an aerosol technology which requires minimal space and is capable of expanding or reducing in size as room dimensions may change over time.

An Aero-K® / Stat-X® System can also be relocated to a new site at minimal cost. Unlike older fire suppression systems, Aero-K® / Stat-X® Generators have a ten-year shelf life which requires minimal maintenance, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

An Aero-K® / Stat-X® System operates using smoke detection, a releasing control panel (back up batteries included), plus all of the system components required by the local authority having jurisdiction.

The Aero-K® / Stat-X® aerosol agent is a new, 21st century technology that is rapidly becoming the standard for fire suppression.

With a 10-year shelf life, the smoke activated and highly proactive Aero-K® / Stat-X® server rack fire suppression system delivers significant long-term cost benefits as well.

At Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc., we are your premier source for fire suppression systems for server rooms and computer rooms.

Recommended Fire Suppression Solutions

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Computer and Server Room Fire Protection