Computer and Server Rooms

An Aero-K® System is best suited for computer and server room spaces because of its versatility, quick response, and effectiveness. Aero-K® is an aerosol spray technology which requires minimal space, is capable of expanding or reducing in size as room dimensions may change over time.

An Aero-K® System can also be relocated to a new site at minimal cost. Unlike older fire suppression systems, Aero-K® Generators have a ten year shelf life which requires minimal maintenance, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the System.

An Aero-K® System operates using smoke detection, a releasing control panel (back up batteries included), plus all of the System components required by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

The Aero-K® aerosol agent is a new, 21st century technology that is rapidly becoming the standard for fire suppression.

Recommended Fire Suppression Solutions

Computer and Server Room Fire Protection