Fire Suppression for Industrial Machines

August 10, 2020 · Fire Suppression Systems

When machines are damaged by fire in an industrial environment, the losses can be considerable. In certain cases, entire operations must be shut down. Undetected fires in industrial machines can spread fast to a building structure from adjacent equipment. Sprinkler systems may end up irreparable damaging machines that have caught fire, rather than save them. At Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc., we offer a high-tech fire suppression system called Aero-K® / Stat-X®.

The Risk of Fire with Industrial Machines

Industrial machines are usually designed and manufactured for maximum safety. However, many of these machines use significant quantities of oil-based liquids and coolants, which make them particularly susceptible to fire risks. It only takes certain failures in the field such as a programming error or the introduction of excessive heat to produce a hazardous condition resulting in fire. Machines that operate with oil vapor and coolant oil are vulnerable to fire from a single spark.

Fire risk can increase even more if an operator leaves a machine unattended. Quick detection is vital to quickly extinguishing an industrial machine fire. However, if the fire is not discovered quickly and left to burn, even for a short duration, it can destroy machines and structures and potentially endanger human life.

Quick action is required to put out machines affected by flash fires. However, tight profit margins and schedules can sometimes cause problems such as unattended machines, significantly increases the risk of undetected fires. Even with machine supervision, the possibility of a flash fire developing that can cause serious damage exists.

Importance of Having a Fire Suppression and Extinguishing System in Place

Sometimes, industrial shop owners rely on employees to react quickly and effectively to quench any fires that emerge with portable fire extinguishers. However, this may not be a reasonable expectation considering all of the responsibilities workers have along with the speed of spread and size that can characterize these fires.

At Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. we offer first-rate, highly effective fire extinguishing solutions for industrial and commercial environments through our Aero-K® / Stat-X® suppression products and systems.

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