Military and GSA

military equipment vehicle fire suppression

The Aero-K® aerosol spray technology has multiple uses for military applications. This technology can be used when protecting vehicle engines, train engines, heavy equipment, communication buildings, sensitive electrical equipment, server rooms, remote telecommunication sites, wireless towers, cargo carriers, electric motors, electrical cabinets and just about anything that can cause an unwanted fire.

Aero-K® Generators can be activated by smoke, heat and or manual intervention. Many new Humvees have aerosol spray technology installed in engine compartments assisting in suppressing fire situations.

NASA uses the aerosol technology when protecting valuable space crawlers. The Aero-K® aerosol agent is Underwritters Laboratory Certified and is on the GSA Schedule (GS-07F-0462V). Government credit cards are accepted.

The Aero-K® aerosol agent is a new, 21st century technology that is rapidly becoming the standard for fire suppression.

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