Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment

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How to Choose a Fire Suppression System for Your Server Room, Data Center or NOC
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Aerosol Offers Effective Fire Suppression for Your Server Room
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Aero-K® systems may be installed in a NON-permanent configuration to allow easy dismounting and movement to another location.

The Aero-K® line of fire suppression systems is based on Aerosol Technology developed and applied to fire protection by an American team of engineers and manufactured in the USA to ISO 9001:2000 standards.



Due to their fast response time, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Aero-K® fire suppression systems may be used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. Upon activation, the generators produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, Aero-K® aerosol generators are very cost effective to install and maintain.

  • Significantly more effective than alternative extinguishing agents
  • Environmentally friendly - Ozone depletion potential (ODP) = 0 - No global warming potential
  • Ease of installation – no pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation manpower
  • Very low maintenance
  • Provides reliable, cost effective protection for a wide range of fire hazards
  • No power required – activates thermally or manually
  • Favorably reviewed by EPA for SNAP listing
  • Safe for valuable equipment - will not harm electronic equipment or magnetic media
  • Post fire cleanup is minimal - aerosol suspends in air for quick and easy venting after discharge
  • Compact – up to a 90% reduction in space and weight requirements

The First Responder

first responder

The small size of the First Responder makes it easily portable. In the event of a fire, First Responder units are activated by removing the safety clip and pulling the ring pin. The unit can then be thrown near the fire - where it will actuate following a 5 second time delay. Upon activation, the First Responder produces an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol that provides extremely fast knockdown and rapid suppression of fires.

  • Offers significant fire “knockdown” and rapid suppression capabilities for enclosed spaces
  • Environmentally friendly – No ozone depletion potential – No global warming potential
  • Favorably reviewed by EPA for SNAP listing
  • Safe for fire fighters and any occupants trapped by fire
  • No oxygen depletion – suppresses at very low concentrations by interference with free radicals
  • Provides a reliable, cost effective fire protection tool for a wide range of fire scenarios
  • Small, compact, and easily portable to point of attack

Thermatic Dome

thermal activated fire system

Thermatic Dome system is ceiling mounted in the middle of the hazard area, heat detection of fire by a U.L./U.L.C./FM Fast Response sprinkler bulb at 155˚F, 175˚F, or 200˚F to initiate agent deployment. Spray pattern of sprinkler head maximum single container coverage volume of 300 up to 1,900 cu.ft.

Optional Electrical actuator “Squib” available to link up to 4 systems together for increased room coverage. Electrical actuator can also be linked into wiring circuit for manual operation and/or wiring smoke or heat detectors.

Class A & C Fire Hazards Determine volume of enclosure to be protected: L x W x H = ft3 x 0.0379 (4.2% Design) = lbs needed L x W x H = m3 x 0.6101 (4.2% Design) = kg needed Or reference Class B fuels Design Concentration


Fire Suppression Systems and Equipment

With zero ozone depletion potential, extremely low global warning potential and short atmospheric lifetime, Novec 1230 fuid is the frst chemical halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term, sustainable technology for special hazards fre protection.

Because its use concentration is much lower than its No Observable Adverse Effects Level (NOAEL), Novec 1230 fuid offers the largest margin of safety of any chemical halon replacement available on the market today. Note: Industry standards require egress from a protected enclosure prior to system discharge.

MCV Series

    Modular Cylinder/Valve Assembly with:
  • Cylinder & valve
  • Cylinder Strap
  • 24V DC Electric Solenoid
  • Nozzle (pre-engineered) sidewall or central
  • Agent Release Control Panel
  • 2- (Battery )
  • 2- (Photoelectric Detector 24 VDC w/ Base
  • Combination Horn/Strobe 24 VDC
  • Strobe Ceiling Mount
  • Modular Frame
  • Pre-engineered Piping/Fittings